In recent times many pages of Newspapers are full of articles touting a variety of "chandelier" Chizhevsky. Almost every day reports they heard on the radio. "Evening Moscow", "Labor", "Novaya Gazeta", "top secret", "Megapolis-Express" and other publications, like the daily sekanina radio and television advertising, in all keys tout these settings. Sometimes on the pages of Newspapers provides a detailed biography of A. L. Chizhevsky and tells about his invention - elektroefflyuvialnaya chandelier (name "Chizhevsky Chandelier" gave her followers Alexander Leonidovich, continues promoting its unique invention, after the death of the great scientist). In these, essentially, advertising, materials, readers are invited to purchase products, nothing to do with genuine "Chizhevsky Chandelier". After all, so can only be called a very specific design, which was described in detail in the fundamental monograph academic "air ionification in the national economy" (Geoplanidae, 1960). It is described where design was proposed for widespread adoption.

By the way, in 1960, the Presidium of the Council of trade unions adopted a special resolution on artificial air ionization to improve the conditions of labour in production. This particular design includes all the technical characteristics and modes of operation. It is in its application were achieved known positive effects. Everything else is on the conscience of those who make and sell their own products. And most importantly, be called "Chizhevsky Chandelier" those devices that A. L. Chizhevsky not researched and are not described.

From the editor

Not having the technical ability to reproduce in the magazine any significant fragment of the monograph of A. L. Chizhevsky, we believe it is necessary to result in the Fig. 1 external view drawing true "Chizhevsky" - elektroefflyuvialnaya chandeliers EEFF-5 (p. 170 monographs).

All aeroionotherapy can be called Chizhevsky chandelier?


  • Radio No. 11, 1998


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